Eastern Bolivia is a fascinating region that combines rich history, impressive cultural diversity and dazzling natural beauty. Known for its warm and humid climate for most of the year, eastern Bolivia enjoys average temperatures ranging from 25°C to 40°C. As for its gastronomy, eastern Bolivia offers a delicious variety of dishes that reflect the mix of indigenous and colonial influences. But what really distinguishes eastern Bolivia is the kindness and hospitality of its people. The inhabitants of this region are known for their warmth, welcoming smiles, and willingness to help visitors.

Eastern Bolivia has a wide variety of tourist attractions that captivate visitors. Here I will mention some of the most notable ones:

Located in the Amazon region of Bolivia, this national park is one of the most biodiverse in the world. Here you can explore the lush rainforest, spot a multitude of animal species, and enjoy activities such as hiking, kayaking, and bird watching.

Located in the department of Santa Cruz, this national park is famous for its biological diversity and impressive landscapes. Here you will find a wide variety of flora and fauna, waterfalls, rivers and mountains. Additionally, the park offers opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and nature photography.

As the main city in eastern Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra offers a unique combination of history, culture and modernity. You can visit its historic center, enjoy its lively nightlife, explore its museums and enjoy the delicious local cuisine.

This national park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is another natural treasure of eastern Bolivia. With a great diversity of ecosystems, including savannahs, forests and hills, the park is home to an impressive variety of flora and fauna species. In addition, it has the majestic Arco Iris waterfall, one of the main attractions of the place.

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