Luribay, land of wines and flavors.

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About this tour

The region has a long tradition in wine production and has been recognized for the quality of its wines, becoming a wine tourism destination. The proposal aims to provide tourists with an exceptional opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich viticultural and gastronomic culture of the region. Through a careful combination of winery and vineyard tours, wine tastings, and authentic culinary experiences, it will stimulate their senses and awaken their appreciation for the art of fine dining and drinking.


  • - Artisanal vineyards
  • - Honey production
  • - Ecological garden
  • - Jose Manuel Pando House Museum
  • - Villa Elisa Museum


  • - Lodging in community accommodations
  • - Local cuisine featuring regional products
  • - Local guide (Spanish-speaking)
  • - Workshops on beekeeping, gastronomy, wine culture, and agriculture
  • - Group activities
  • - Transporte desde La Paz


Lunch with regional products.

La Cabaña Unión welcomes us with a grill of Creole beef, seasonal vegetables, and natural juices made with seasonal fruit.

Visit to the House Museum of former President José Manuel Pando.

Guided tour: detailed information about the history of the former president, the architecture of the residence, and the significant events that took place there.

Visit to the beekeeping center

Demetrio nos invita a su centro de produccion de miel, nos explica acerca del proceso de extraccion de este producto y la elaboracion de diferentes productos con beneficios unicos para nuestra salud.

Visit to the La Cabaña Union wineries

DoDon Omar, propietario de La Cabaña Union, nos invita a hacer el recorrido por sus bodegas. Nos explica acerca del proceso de elaboracion de vinos y singanisde altura y concluye con una degustacion de diferentes tipos de vinos.

Cultural Night

Una oportunidad para disfrutar de un maridaje con diferentes productos de la region y una variedad de vinos y singanis.

Tour of the Happy Eco Garden

Huascar y Abigail nos da la bienvenida a su hogar. El nos invita a hacer un recorrido por sus huerta y nos explica acerca del proceso de produccion de diferentes alimentos de temporada.

Gastronomy workshop

Despues del recorrido por la Huerta, Abigail nos recibe para realizar un taller practicocon los productos recien recolectados

Visit to the vineyards of La Cabaña Unión

Don Omar nuevamente nos recibe para explicarnos acerca de las diferentes variedades de uva y el proceso de cuidado y recoleccion.

Farewell lunch

Antes de partir a La Paz, degustamos un plato tipico de Luribay: Chancho a la canasta

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